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Why Choose Rescue & Survival?

The simple answer is because Rescue and Survival Group delivers outstanding, cost-effective marine and aviation safety and rescue solutions.
Rescue and Survival Group delivers professional high quality, tailored solutions to government, commercial and defence clients across Australia and New Zealand.
Rescue and Survival Group can tailor a unique solution when it comes to your marine and aviation safety and rescue requirements. We have the ability to design, engineer and manufacture any solution to meet your requirements. We also offer cost effective service solutions for all your service & maintenance requirements. Couple your service requirements with our asset management ability and we take the difficulty out of servicing and compliance for your business.
First class no-nonsense approach to marine and aviation safety and rescue solutions
Our products are best-in-class, with many years of practical use in a wide range of business areas. We share with you our extensive specialised offering, bringing you the best, professional products and solutions.
We also engage with your business to examine the best solution for your needs and have the ability to tailor a turnkey solution to minimise any potential risk and ensure your business is equipped if and when disaster strikes.
Benefits of investing in safety and rescue solutions;
Investing in safety and rescue solutions for your people is a sound business decision. Businesses with a solid health and safety culture succeed because their people feel valued and protected and are therefore more productive.
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